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At Issue Ezine
Vol. 16, March 2015: Mau Mau women and the struggle for justice in historical and contemporary perspective
By Katherine Bruce-Lockhart
The Mau Mau Emergency, which lasted between 1952 and 1960, was one of the most violent flashpoints of Britain’s exit from empire. Historians have long been fascinated with this dramatic episode in Kenya’s history, but the existing scholarship has had been biased towards males in the Mau Mau movement. This paper will have two components. First, it will examine women’s contribution to the Mau Mau movement and the gendered expectations that shaped their detention, as discussed above. Second, it will examine the role of women in shaping the collective memory of Mau Mau, and their efforts in the recent reparative justice cases that have called for financial compensation by the British for abuses against the Mau Mau.

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