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The articles below are the most recent additions to the Africa General category of Africa InfoServ. To read an article, click on its title. To see more Africa General articles or to search a particular topic, click on Africa Archive. Articles marked with a magnifying glass ( Longer, analytical article. ) are longer, more analytical pieces.

Note: Articles from external sources are also included at the bottom of this page—click here.

1. Longer, analytical article. Africa in 2014: the good the bad and the ugly
Author: Liesl Louw-Vaudran, ISS Consultant Date Written: 19 December 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: ISS Today
Secondary Category: AU/NEPAD Source URL: http://www.issafrica.org/iss-today/
Key Words: 2014, good, bad , ugly, future

Summary & Comment: "Africa is not a country. What might have been an excellent year for some was a disaster for others...the overthrow of Blaise Compaore was a victory for democracy... on the bad side, "Wars in South Sudan and the Central African Republic continued, and Libya all but imploded"; the Ebola plague was a huge tragedy and not stopped yet. "International c . . . [expand]
2. Longer, analytical article. African migrants: Payback time?
Author: Carlos Lopes Date Written: 15 September 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: Pambazuka Issue 742
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://www.pambazuka.net
Key Words: Europe, migrants, Africa

Summary & Comment: European explorers showed extraordinary bravery facing when they sailed unknown seas and geography when they came to pick slaves in Africa. The same bravado and human determination is displayed by today’s migrants to Europe.MM
3. Longer, analytical article. Analysis: Obama’s good African story to tell
Author: Ranjeni Munusamy Date Written: 29 July 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: Daily Maverick
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.dailymaverick.co.za
Key Words: Obama, Africa, African Union, Mandela

Summary & Comment: As eloquent as ever, Barack Obama, the US president tells Africa while on a state visit that, the continent could prosper if it banishes corruption and its leaders respect presidential terms. MM
4. And who protects us from you? Uganda threatens to silence civil society activists
Author: Global Witness Date Written: 10 July 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: Global Witness
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://https://www.globalwitness.org/blog/
Key Words: Uganda, civil societies, NGO’s, silencing

Summary & Comment: "To stifle criticism ahead of the 2016 election the Ugandan government is poised to pass a law which threatens to put civil society activists in prison for up to eight years [in order to] intimidate and paralyse [those] ...that work on sensitive issues like corruption, oil governance, land rights or LGBT rights. Sadly this bill forms part of a seri . . . [expand]
5. Longer, analytical article. Africa’s Latest Democratic Awakening: Implications for Western foreign policy
Author: Rudy Massamba, editor Date Written: 21 May 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: African Arguments
Secondary Category: Culture Source URL: http://africanarguments.org
Key Words: Democracy, constitution, social media

Summary & Comment: " A new wave of democracy is making its way throughout the continent. This is the same wave that swept away a stubborn Blaise Compaoré. The same wave that recently pushed large groups of youth to the streets of Kinshasa to protest a controversial electoral bill. And finally, the same wave that gave the people of Burundi the courage to publicly deno . . . [expand]
6. 8th Pan African Congress: The congress is not the movement
Author: Ikaweba Bunting Date Written: 6 May 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: Pambazuka News, Issue 725
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.pambazuka.net/
Key Words: Pan African, Ghana, diaspora, Ebola

Summary & Comment: Would xenophobia and Afrophobia happen if the ideals of pan-Africanism were alive and strong in Africa. Not really but this exposes the challenges of building a solid Pan African Movement. The Pan African Congress in Accra, Ghana, in March showed that a Pan Africanist political culture must be inculcated, nurtured and institutionalized throughout t . . . [expand]
7. Longer, analytical article. Whither Africa in the Global South?
Author: Dr. Issa Shivji Date Written: 11 April 2015
Primary Category: Africa General Document Origin: Pambazuka News
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://www.pambazuka.net/en
Key Words: Global South, Liberation, NEPAD, BRICS

Summary & Comment: "Africa’s comprador ruling classes and educated middle class are so compromised by imperialism that they are incapable of providing the revolutionary leadership required for the continent’s true liberation. The only possible alternative is that of the working people." There is is an urgent need for new social and political ideologies as w . . . [expand]

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