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The articles below are the most recent additions to the Angola category of Africa InfoServ. To read an article, click on its title. To see more Angola articles or to search a particular topic, click on Africa Archive. Articles marked with a magnifying glass ( Longer, analytical article. ) are longer, more analytical pieces.

Angola features news of economic, political, military and humanitarian situations; actions of civil society; opinions of Angolans; and news of the international advocacy/solidarity network.

Note: There are three special features at the bottom of this page: (1) a description of Update Angola (1994-2005) and how to find back issues; (2) links to four excellent photo collections on Angola; (3) a map of Angola, showing provincial boundaries and major ethnic groups.

1. Angola: Luis Samacumbi, prominent lay church leader and emerging author.
Author: Jean Burgess Date Written: 19 February 2016
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Angolan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Secondary Category: Culture Source URL: http://angolamsf.org/Luis%20Samacumbi-books_201311
Key Words: Angola, Samacumbi, author, publisher, Chipenda

Summary & Comment: Luis Samacumbi was the Development Officer for the Congregational Church in Angola. Now he is program specialist for gender issues at UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund, in Angola. He has written on his own life and faith, on faith issues, and especially bios on 3 of his mentors, Jose Chipenda, Julio Francisco, and Ilda Valerio. His latest publ . . . [expand]
2. Longer, analytical article. Angola: After Dos Santos - More of the Same?
Author: Moiani Matondo Date Written: 30 November 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Maka Angola (*Allafrica.com)
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://allafrica.com/stories/201511303270
Key Words: Angola, corruption, Vincente, Kopelipa,Dino

Summary & Comment: Clear revelation of the corruption among the top 3 elite of Edouardo Dos Santos, symptomatic of a way of government. The writer hopes that the government will be defeated in 2017 elections when people know more of how the wealthy elite benefit from oil wealth. JK
3. Angola: Amnesty Calls On Angola to Release Detained Activists
Author: The Daily Vox Date Written: 7 October 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: The Daily Vox via All Africa
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://allafrica.com/stories
Key Words: Angola, Amnesty, release, 16 activists

Summary & Comment: Amnesty appeals again for rlease of 16 young activists, accused of planning a coup. They habv been in prison for over 100 days. if convcted they could faceup to 12 years in prison. "According to Amnesty, the activists had been attending a meeting concerning human rights violations and governance issues, when they were arrested. They had also d . . . [expand]
4. Longer, analytical article. Winners of UBC’s integrity award on fighting corruption in Africa
Author: Sunny Dhillon Date Written: 1 October 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Globe and Mail Toronto
Secondary Category: Eastern Region Source URL: http://www.theglobeandmail.com
Key Words: Corruption, Githongo, Marques, prophetic, harrassment

Summary & Comment: "John Githongo and Rafael Marques de Morais have been fighting corruption for more than a decade. Mr. Githongo was a member of the Kenyan government when he exposed a $1-billion corruption scandal. He would come to fear for his safety and spend years in exile, before returning to Kenya in 2008. Mr. Marques was arrested in 1999 for a magazine piece . . . [expand]
5. Longer, analytical article. Crisis in Angola Could Free Social Conscience and Lead to Change
Author: Rafael Marques de Morais Date Written: 17 September 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Maka Angola
Secondary Category: Africa General Source URL: http://www.makaangola.org/index.php?
Key Words: Angola, vision, citizenship, middle level,

Summary & Comment: Angolans need to reflect on current realities and become more aware of the disarray in which our society finds itself at the moment. For the first time in the history of independent Angola, all the political parties are ideologically feeble and incapable of imposing their vision of Angola onto society. So for the first time, Angolans have the oppor . . . [expand]
6. Solidarity Meeting With Political Prisoners Gathers a Thousand People
Author: Maka Angola Date Written: 16 September 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Maka Angola
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://makaangola.org/index.php?
Key Words: Angola, political prisoners, 1000 in solidarityprotestors,

Summary & Comment: "More than a thousand people took part in a meeting to express their solidarity with detained Angolan political prisoners. Human rights defender Rafael Marques, and Radio Despertar organized the event on 12 September.The event was broadcast live by the radio station and live streamed through various social networks for nearly four hours." . . . [expand]
7. Political Police Control Power and Justice in Angola
Author: Rafael Marques de Morais Date Written: 6 August 2015
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Maka Angola
Secondary Category: Africa General Source URL: http://www.makaangola.org/index.php?
Key Words: Angola, autocrats, police, injustice, violence, scapegoat,

Summary & Comment: "Reading descriptions of the events of 29 July past – police jumping over walls to break down doors and arrest people without warrants, secret service giving orders to police, secret service commanders setting up prisons, large-scale police operations directed by secret service – it looks like the Angolan `tough guys’ (like Russian KGB agents) . . . [expand]

Update Angola

Update Angola was a monthly review and analysis of political, economic, social and humanitarian developments in Angola. It was published several times per year between 1994 and 2000, and all issues are available in the Africa Archive by entering Update Angola in the search engine . It was superseded by the growing electronic coverage in this Angola section.

Photo Collections

Luanda Flooding: Unusual and torrential rains in Luanda in January of 2007 caused floods which  carried away soil, houses, and the uncollected garbage of many barrios.

Luanda Demolitions: The crimes of the Angolan Government against the people of Cambamba I and II in Luanda, where police destroyed many homes.

Stories for Trees: Photographs and captions by Margrit Coppé, who worked in Angola for the Canadian NGO 'Development Workshop' from February 2000 to July 2002.

Aftermath of War: Angola in Pictures: Photographs by Paul Geoffrey, courtesy of Action by Churches Together (ACT).

Map of Angola

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