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September 2007 Solidarity - Student Solidarity Trust

Summary & Comment: The Student Solidarity Trust in Harare describes Zimís student, September acts of solidarity and names the affected activists as well as the perpetrators. DN

Author: various Date Written: 26 September 2007
Primary Category: Zimbabwe Document Origin: Student Solidarity Trust
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL:
Key Words: Zimbabwe, September, 2007, Solidarity, student, trust,

African Charter Article #9: Every individual shall have the right to receive information and express their opinions. (Click for full text...)

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September†2007 Solidarity - Student Solidarity Trust

Date 02

Action - Great Zimbabwe student suspended

Description - The student was suspended for taking photos of a demonstration that was held last semester. The student has been suspended indefinitely.

Names of Affected Activists - Edward Punungwe.

Perpetrators - College authorities

Date 03

Action - Five NUST students appear in court, then attend a hearing at their institution.

Description - The 5 are accused of having disrupted lectures on campus during the month of April. The accusations are based on the fact that the 5 student leaders addressed students in their lecture rooms to boycott lectures in protest of fees increment and the poor learning environment at the campus. The 5 student leaders reappeared in court and the case was further remanded to the 3rd of October. On the 5th the 5 student leaders then attended a disciplinary hearing at NUST facing the same charges. The college disciplinary committee is yet to announce the verdict.

Names of Affected Activists - Clever Bere, Mehluli Dube, Themba Maphenduka, Samson Nxumalo and Hoyi

Perpetrators - College authorities

Date 05

Action - One UZ student arrested on campus and released on the same day from Avondale Police Station.

Description - This followed after the UZ SRC planned to distribute fliers alerting the students to protest to their administration about the looming accommodation crisis. This was also a follow up to their campaign after Prof Levy Nyagura had evicted students who were accommodated on campus the previous semester and went ahead to defy the high court ruling to reinstate the students.

Names of Affected Activists - Shadreck Vengesai

Perpetrators - UZ Security Officers{Green Bombers}

Date 05

Action - Student leader from Chinhoyi University of Technology denied accommodation

Description - The student is being accused of having strong links with ZINASU, and this is being used as the reason for denying him accommodation. He is also being victimised for having stood for students who were being evicted from campus after being given suspension letters.

Names of Affected Activists - Edward Burira.

Perpetrators - College authorites

Date 11

Action - Four Great Zimbabwe students arrested and detained for two days at Masvingo Rural(3) and Central(1) Police Station.

Description - The four were picked up seperately by CIOs with the help of ZICOSU Students.ZICOSU is a state sponsored student body that was formed to counter the more vocal and vibrant ZINASU. While the four arrested including fourteen more who were on the wanted list were planning their orientation programme for the first years,ZICOSU Students came to disrupt the meeting, but they were however unfortunate when they were on the receiving end after thorough beatings from the more organised ZINASU Students. This led to the ZICOSU Students reporting and at the same time submiting a list of names of the ZINASU students at Masvingo Police station. The four were represented by Brian Hwacha, who is a lawyer under instructions from ZLHR. They were charged with criminal codification under public violence, which they believed was politically motivated. Only Whitlaw Mugwiji, however, who had a warrant of arrest attended court and was deferred to the 20th of September. The other three did not appear in court as the hardworking Hwacha managed to convince the PPs to drop the charges.

Names of Affected Activists - Whitlaw Mugwijoi, Edson Hlatshayo, Mukudzei Shoko, Chanakira

Perpetrators - CIO in plain clothes in collaboration with ZICOSU students

Date 13

Action - Fifteen Students from Bulawayo reappear in court on charges of POSA.

Description - These students were involved in the demonstration that rocked Bulawayo last year in October. All the colleges in Bulawayo were demonstrating against fees increments and the poor learning environment.

Names of Affected Activists - Sifando Dube,Gibson Nyashanu,Martin Moyo,James Chihova,Reuben Moyo,Jonathan Magabathela,Shingirai Ruraka,Wonder Chamanyo,Samson Nxumalo,Variariceo Jaji,Henry Baye,Rodin Chikonzo,Nokubaya Ngwenya,Mondni Sobani,Zannele

Perpetrators - Plain clothes police details and members of PISI.

Date 13

Action - Masvingo State University student arrested.

Description - The student had been on the wanted list after the disturbances that occurred on campus during the orientation week. He was being accused of being part of the group of students who assaulted a student aligned to ZICOSU during orientation. He was detained for 3 days and released on warned and cautioned statements.

Names of Affected Activists - Ogylive Makova

Perpetrators - CIO in plain clothes with the help of ZICOSU students.

Date 14

Action - Activist retrieval in Masvingo.

Description - Three students were retrieved in Masvingo after it emerged that they were on the wanted list of students who were being linked to the disturbances that occured on campus during orientation week.

Names of Affected Activists - Courage Ngwarai, George Makamure, and Eddison Punungwe; Courage Ngwarai, George Makamure ,and Eddison Punungwe

Perpetrators - State security agents

Date 16

Action - 7 students denied accommodation at Mutare Polytechnic

Description - The seven students were being accused of having mobilised students to attend the Save Zimbabwe meeting in Mutare in July, besides distributing ZINASU and Save Zimbabwe paraphenalia on campus. This is the alleged crime which prompted college authorities to deny them accommodation for this term

Names of Affected Activists - Michael Nyanyiwa, Thabani Dzowa, Antonio Jones, Bena Dube, Samantha Mureyani, Elizabeth Makuwaza, and Chengetai

Perpetrators - College authorities

Date 18

Action - Two student leaders from the UZ arrested and tortured by UZ Security Force

Description - This followed after the UZ leadership addressed their students protesting the refusal by Nyagura to reinstate the students in their halls of residence. The high court made a ruling to reverse the eviction order but Nyagura deliberately defied the order. This forced the students to demonstrate resulting in the arrest of the two leaders. They were detained for one night at Avondale Police Station, released on warned and cautioned statements by the law and order section at Harare Central Police Station

Names of Affected Activists - Lovemore Chinoputsa (UZ SRC President), Fortune Chamba (UZ Legal and Academic Affairs Secretary Tryphine Gadzira, Tsitsi Mutengwa and Cephas Chiremba

Perpetrators - UZ Security Officers

Date 20

Action - College authorities force 3 students to write a report at United Colleges of Education (UCE).

Description - The three students had assisted ZINASU in orienting first year students during the orientation week that began last week. The Dean of students then summoned the three and accused them of having met the students illegally and asked them to write letters to this effect. The Dean of students accused them of having carried an anti-government program on campus by addressing students during the orientation week. This is in clear defiance of the constitutionally enshrined freedom of association that the students must enjoy as citizens of this country.

Names of Affected Activists - Tryphine Gadzira, Tsitsi Mutengwa and Cephas Chiremba

Perpetrators - College authorities

Date 23

Action - Two student leaders arrested in Masvingo.

Description - Whitlow Mugwiji and Courage Ngwarai were arrested in the morning as they tried to enter the campus to address students. They were arrested by the college security who quickly handed them over to the police. The police are trying to cook up charges in a bid to politically victimise the two and also make sure that the two do not set foot on campus.The two were released on the 25th and did not appear in court.

Names of Affected Activists - Whitlow Mugwiji and Courage Ngwarai

Perpetrators - College security and the police

Date 26

Action - 11 students from Masvingo State University reappear in court

Description - These students were arrested last year in November during a demonstration when students marched into town to hand over a petition to the Governor. The students are being charged under the notorious POSA. However it emerged that the docket for the case is missing as the court officials and the police cannot locate. As a result of this the case has been remanded furhter to the 5th of December.

Names of Affected Activists - Gideon Chitanga, Roy Chauke, Julius Charamba, Goerge Makamure, Ndaba Ngwenya, Mukudzei Shoko, Edmore Munyoro, Sobala Moyo, Edson Hlatywayo, Plaxedes Tapwanya and Brian.

Perpetrators - College authorities

Date 27

Action: - Three students form Bulawayo go into hiding as state security hunts them down

Description - The three were actively participating in the orientation of students from United Colleges of Education (UCE) and NUST. This involved addressing first year students on their rights as students in tertiary institutions. The three were reported to the police for addressing students without seeking permission from the college authorities leading to the three going underground.

Names of Affected Activists - Clever Bere, Blessed Vava and Isheanesu

Perpetrators - PISI and other state security agents.

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