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Angola unveils new cabinet

Summary & Comment: "Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, unveiled his cabinet following last month’s landmark legislative poll, state media reported. Angola’s ruling MPLA party secured a landslide election victory last month, setting the stage for changes that critics fear could make the presidency even more powerful and weaken other institutions." See also a list of the members of new cabinet. JK

Author: staff writer -AFROL; SANF NewsFeatures Date Written: 2 October 2008
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Afrol News
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.afrol.com; www.sardc.net
Key Words: Angola, new cabinet, economy, pro-business, one-party

African Charter Article #13: Every citizen shall have the right to participate freely in the government of their country and to equal access of public services . (Click for full text...)

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1. Angola unveils new cabinet
2. New Cabinet

1.Angola unveils new cabinet

Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, unveiled his cabinet following last month's landmark legislative poll on Wednesday, state media reported. Angola's ruling MPLA party secured a landslide election victory last month, setting stage for changes that critics fear could make presidency even more powerful and weaken other institutions. According to ANGOP news agency a new cabinet of 35 members, has 17 new faces including minister of foreign affairs, Assuncao dos Anjos, Oil Minister Jose Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos, Geology and Mining Minister Makenda Ambroise. Other changes included establishment of a ministry of economy to oversee ministry of finance and planning, said weekly media reporter.

Six years after end of a 27-year civil war, oil rich African country's held its first legislative election in 16 years in early September. MPLA that ruled oil rich country since independence in 1975 from Portugal has embraced pro business policies after abandoning Marxism in early 1990s and has crushed a divided and under-funded opposition. Ruling MPLA led by Mr Dos Santos claimed an overwhelming victory over its long time political rivals, UNITA. Some UNITA senior officials in government had been slighted by MPLA officials and would be removed there, while their constitutional suggestions also have been rejected, reports said, adding that MPLA will use its muscle to re-establish a one party state.

Mr Dos Santos chose Paulo Kassoma as new prime minister while the country's new parliament was sworn on Monday and Tuesday. Angola's fortunes have begun to change rapidly as nation now rivals Nigeria as Africa's leading oil exporter since war ended. Government is eager to attract more foreign investment into its oil and diamond sector as well as other abandoned areas including agriculture, local media said.

2) New Cabinet:

President:         José Eduardo dos Santos

Prime Minister:   António Paulo Kassoma  

The full cabinet list

Minister of National Defence
 - Kundi Paihama

Minister of Interior
 - Roberto Leal Ramos Monteiro

Minister of Foreign Affairs
 - Assunção Afonso dos Anjos

Miniter of Economy
 - Manuel Nunes Júnior

Minister of Territory Administartion
 - Virgílio Ferreira de Fontes Pereira

Minister of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security
 - António Domingos Pitra Costa Neto

Minister of Justice
 - Guilhermina Contreiras da Costa Prata

Minister of Finance
 - Eduardo Leopoldo Severin de Morais

Minister of Planning
 - Ana Afonso Dias Lourenço

Minister of Commerce
 - Maria Idalina de Oliveira Valente

Minister of Hotel and Tourism
 - Pedro Mutindi

Minister of Agriculture
 - Afonso Pedro Canga

Minister of Fisheries
 - Salamão José Luete Chiribimbi

Minister of Industry
 -  Joaquim Duarte da Costa David

Minister of Oil
 - José Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos

Minister of Geology and Mining
 - Makenda Ambroise

Minister of Environment
 - Maria de Fátima Monteiro Jardim

Minister of Science and Technology
 - Maria Cândida Teixeira

Minister of Urbanisation and Housing
 - Diakumpuna Sita José

Minister of Public Works
 - Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro

Minister of Transport
 - Augusto da Silva Tomás

Minister of Energy
 - Emanuela Afonso Viera Lopes

Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology
 - José Carvalho da Rocha.

Minister of Health
 - José Viera Dias Van-Dúnen

Minister of Education
 - António Buriti da Silva Neto

Minister of Culture
 - Rosa Maria Martins da Cruz e Silva

Minister of Social Welfare
 - João Baptista Kussumua

Minister of Family and Women Promotion
 - Genoveva da Conceição Lino

Minister of Former Combatants and War Veterans
 - Pedro José Van-Dúnen

Minister of Youth and Sports
 - Gonçalves Manuel Muandumba

Minister of Social Communication
 - Manuel  António Rabelais.

Minister without portfolio
 - António Bento Bembe

Minister without portfolio
  - Francisca de Fátima do Espírito Santo de Carvalho Almeida

Secretary of State for Rural Development
 - Maria Filomena de Fátima Lobão Telo Delgado.

Secretary of State for Higher Education
 - Adão Gaspar Pereira do Nascimento.

from SANF www.sardc.net  

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