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Southern Africa Report Archive

Congratulations from Dennis Brutus upon returning from the Interim South African Writers Organization "summit".

vol 11 no 2

Letter: Connell article
Dennis Brutus

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Southern Africa Report

SAR, Vol 11, No 2, 1996
Page 33



6 August 1995

Congratulations on Dan Connell's report on What's Left of the Left in South Africa (SAR vol. 10 no. 4). Having just returned from South Africa, where I attended a "Writers' Summit" which created the umbrella Interim South African Writers Organization (ISAWO), I can attest to the accuracy of his account.

South Africa is going through a difficult transitional period and the signs are not all promising. Connell's report is both perceptive and honest.

Dennis Brutus
Africana Studies
University of Pittsburgh

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