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Food and Land

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The articles below are the most recent additions to the Food and Land category of Africa InfoServ. To read an article, click on its title. To see more Food and Land articles or to search a particular topic, click on Africa Archive. Articles marked with a magnifying glass ( Longer, analytical article. ) are longer, more analytical pieces.

1. Kenya: Pressure Mounts Against GMOs as Kenya Celebrates World Food Day
Author: Correspondent Date Written: 15 October 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: News from Africa
Secondary Category: Eastern Region Source URL: http://www.newsfromafrica.org
Key Words: Kenya, food, Nakuru, organic, GMO

Summary & Comment: Activists in Kenya are worried that GMO foods being pushed as the panacea to food security in the bread basket region of Nakuru will destroy natural farming, on the other hand scientists will be more than happy to get GMO’s approved in the country, they assured of donor money. MM
2. Zambia: Ordinary Zambians Grapple With Land Grabbing
Author: Kathy Sikombe Date Written: 6 October 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: Deutsche Welle via All Africa
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://allafrica.com/stories
Key Words: Zambia, family land, grabbing, government

Summary & Comment: Forced evictions of ordinary Zambians from their land have become rampant to pave way for development. Rights activists want to intervene and protect local people from land grabbers.
3. South Africa : PACSA Monthly Food Price Barometer - May 2015
Author: PACSA- Pietermatitzburg Date Written: 7 July 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: NGO Pulse -Sangonet
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://www.ngopulse.org/blog
Key Words: Pietermaritzburg,monthly budget, increading costs.

Summary & Comment: Food Price inflation for working class households up 6.5 percent since January 2015. The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action maintains a regular report on the costs of a standard food basket, plus all other costs of an average family. "The household debt to income ratio means that for every R100 income, R78 goes to repay debt . . . [expand]
4. Longer, analytical article. South Africa: Foreign Capital Buying Up Land to Increase Control Over Global Food Chain
Author: Glenn Ashton Date Written: 4 June 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: The South African Civil Society Information Service
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://allafrica.com/stories/201506041701.html
Key Words: South Africa, agricultural land, foreign purchases.

Summary & Comment: There is a sound business case to be made for commercial interests to aggressively attempt to control the very foundation of the food chain, the land itself. It represents the creation and appropriation of an entire new asset class, with serious implications for equality, governance, food security and the underlying democratic process." JK
5. Longer, analytical article. Public money into private pockets
Author: GRAIN Date Written: 2 June 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: GRAIN
Secondary Category: Central Region Source URL: http:// grain.org/e/5220
Key Words: DRCongo, landgrabbing, plantations, illegal.

Summary & Comment: "European and US development finance is bankrolling a new round of colonialism in the Congo. The CDC Group Plc, the French Agency for Development (AFD) and several other development finance institutions (DFIs) are funding Feronia, a Canadian agribusiness company accused of land grabbing and human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Con . . . [expand]
6. Longer, analytical article. African Land is a Profitable but Potentially Dangerous Investment
Author: Mohammedi Maoulidi Date Written: 27 May 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: NGO- PULSE - Sangonet
Secondary Category: Africa General Source URL: http://www.ngopulse.org/
Key Words: land regulations politics Wednesday, 27 May, 2015 - 12:12

Summary & Comment: "Foreigners mostly seek agricultural land and land for tourism developments, but all foreigner-owned land in Africa holds the potential to prompt violence from displaced people." Also it could be taken back later. Meanwhile, most Africans remain without official title to land. JK
7. Longer, analytical article. Are Monsanto’s Worst Fears Coming True?
Author: Jonathan Latham Date Written: 19 May 2015
Primary Category: Food and Land Document Origin: Counterpunch
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://www.counterpunch.org
Key Words: Montsanto, GMO’s, uncertainty, Chipotle, refusal.

Summary & Comment: The decision of the Chipotle restaurant chain (USA)to make its product lines GMO-free...was met with a tidal-wave of establishment media abuse. Chipotle has been called irresponsible, anti-science, irrational, and much more by the Washington Post, Time Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and many others." If GMO’s should fail in USA they w . . . [expand]

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