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The photo and image collections below come from a variety of sources, usually through contacts made by AfricaFiles members themselves. An effort is made to include collections that complement, illustrate or visually enhance some of the important issues addressed by articles on the website (in the At Issue Ezine, Africa InfoServ and Action Focus sections), especially those with direct links to human rights, economic justice and the image of Africa. If you know of a collection that fits these criteria and can be reproduced here at little or no cost, write to info@africafiles.org. (Please note that although AfricaFiles has obtained permission to display the collections found below, in most cases it does not hold the copyright. Anyone interested in permission to reproduce these images, therefore, needs to contact the original source.)

Participatory Rural Appraisal in Kavimbi, Angola • January 2011

Photos taken by Luis Sumacumbi of an participatory rural appraisal conducted in Kavimbi, Anglola. "We now have peace but we continue to suffer because we don’t have access to drinkling water, a health clinic, school for our children, transport to take our produce (bombo) to Luena and the road there is in very poor." Kavimbi is a community 137 km from Luena, the capital of the Province of Moxico, and 37 km from Kangumbe, the local regional centre (sede comunal). The women and children in Kavimbi are the ones that suffer most as they have to carry water 5 km through dense forest, which represents a very stressful task for them. In past months two children died on the Kavimbi – Kangumbe road when their parents sought medical help from the only health clinic available in the Kangumbe region. Mr. Nito Franga, administrator of the Kangumbe region, demonstrated dedication and participatory governance in seeking solutions for these and other priorities by carrying out a participatory appraisal of the community's needs. Go here to see the photo album or see the slideshow below.

Chavola Camp, Angola: Church Leaders Visit Victims of Housing Demolitions • April 2010

Photos taken by Luis Sumacumbi of an ecumenical visit to the Internally Displaced People whose houses were demolished in Lubango on March 6-8. They were dumped 10 km away in Chavola, without proper preparations. The delegation brought solidarity, food, and other supplies, and promised more. There was agreement that the government had been careless and heartless in these demolitions, causing needless suffering. The churches want to prevent it happening again. Go here to see the photo album or see the slideshow below.


Lalibela, Ethiopia • February 2010

These photos were taken by Marie-Helene Bonin, now working with UN AIDS programme, Angola,. They depict a brief but moving visitto Lalibela, Ethiopia, where she discoveed a very ancient Christian tradition, authentically African and very close to the teachings of Jesus and of the old African and Jewish wise men who came before him. Go here to see the photo album or see the slideshow below

Please click on the photo or title below to see the corresponding image collection.
Zimbabwe Ambulance Zimbabwe
Almost eight years of political, economic and social turmoil has been both a curse and for some elites, a blessing for Zimbabweans. The tragic experience has revealed a resilient nation with a strong culture of self-reliance, pride and resourcefulness. See the article The politics of exclusion and national survival" for more details. (2008)
Luanda Flooding Luanda Flooding
Unusual and torrential rains in Luanda in January of 2007 caused floods which  carried away soil, houses, and the uncollected garbage of many barrios, revealing the wide-spread lack of municipal services and creating residues which will be an ecological problem for many years to come.
AIDS: Poster Competition
Seeking a way through fear and silence, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance designed a Global Poster Competition against HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. Here are some of the African posters with messages of hope and compassion. (2004)
Luanda Demolitions
These photographs from Jubilee 2000 Angola document the crimes of the Angolan Government against the people of Cambamba I and II in Luanda, where police destroyed many homes in November 2005.
Stories for Trees
Part of a fundraising project called "Stories for Trees", these photographs were taken by Margrit Coppé, who worked in Angola for the Canadian NGO "Development Workshop" from 2000 to 2002.
Aftermath of War
A visual representation of life in Angola today as impacted by the war, the peace declaration, the staggering humanitarian needs and peoples' efforts to help themselves. Photographs by Paul Geoffrey, courtesy of Action by Churches Together (ACT).
Be the Change...

"Be the Change" Poster
A poster (2008) from the United Nations Development Programme reading:

Be the man who says No to violence against women,

Be the man who stands for equality,

Be the man who breacks the silence,

Be the man who cares,

Be the Change.



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