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The articles below are the most recent additions to the Kenya category of Africa InfoServ. To read the article, click on its title. To see more Kenya articles or to search a particular topic, click on Africa Archive.

Articles marked with a magnifying glass ( Longer, analytical article. ) are longer, more analytical pieces.

1. Grass roots Kenyans encouraged to embrace new constitution
Author: Press Statement Date Written: 16 August 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Bunge la Mwananchi
Secondary Category: Eastern Region Source URL: http://www.bungelamwananchi.org/
Key Words: Kenya, constitution, grass roots, monitor,

Summary & Comment: Bunge la Mwananchi Central Rift issues this press statement to encourage grass root Kenyans to move on from the culture of blaming central government and to look forward to a devolved government with closer power and resources, encouraging them to monitor their local government and become watchdogs of the new constitution. DH
2. Longer, analytical article. Rendition of the Kampala 711 bombing suspects a blunder?
Author: Wafula Okumu Date Written: 6 August 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Institute for Security Studies
Secondary Category: Eastern Region Source URL: http://www.issafrica.org
Key Words: Kenya, Kampala 711, bombing, blunder,

Summary & Comment: Kenya's extradition of the Kampala 711 confirms its failure to defend its citizens' basic human rights. Denied due process, the Kampala 711 suspects were subjected to arbitrary arrests, illegal searches, in communicado detention without access to legal representation and family members and were sent to Uganda which has the death penalty. . . . [expand]
3. Longer, analytical article. The rebirth of Kenya 2010
Author: Florah Terah, Toronto Date Written: 5 August 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Africafiles
Secondary Category: Eastern Region Source URL: http://www.africafiles.org/article.asp?ID=24120
Key Words: Kenya, constitution, referendum, presidential powers, decentralization, women

Summary & Comment: An ecstatic reflection on the events of August 4 by a woman closely and painfully involved in the political struggle, including this one for a new constitution. "This new charter that just passed by a remarkable 72+% votes grants citizens more of a voice in running government by cutting down presidential powers and sharing these with a radical . . . [expand]
4. Kenya: Joint statement by Church leaders
Author: CISA, Nairobi Date Written: 30 July 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Catholic Information Service for Africa
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.cisanewsafrica.org/
Key Words: Kenya, Christians, constitution, referendum

Summary & Comment: "We the Christian shepherds in Kenya reiterate our advice to all Kenyans to reject this proposed constitution in its entirety"; so begins this joint statement from many of Kenya’s Christian leaders. They do acknowledge that there are positive improvements in the proposed draft constitution to be voted on August 4th, but do not believe th . . . [expand]
5. Longer, analytical article. Documentary film: Kikulacho – the Bite Within
Author: various Date Written: 16 July 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: A24 Media and Camerapix & TI-Kenya
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http:// www.a24media.com
Key Words: Kenya, film, rights, Kikulacho, elections, land,

Summary & Comment: Kikulacho is a Kenyan documentary that examines the impact of corrupt systems and policies on ordinary people. It also looks at how the people themselves can shape Kenyan institutions and leadership for an alternative future. Broadcast on Nation Television the film will also have a global release. See below to view film’s trailer. DN
6. Kenya: US envoy in constitution debate
Author: Alphonce Shiundu, Nairobi Date Written: 14 July 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Daily Nation, Kenya
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.nation.co.ke/
Key Words: Kenya, constitution, United States,

Summary & Comment: The "No" camp in the constitution debate is calling on Obama to recall the US envoy claiming he is meddling in Kenya’s affairs. He is said to have urged Kenyans to support the proposed constitutional changes, even though he has no vote or citizenship of Kenya. DH
7. Church calls for delay in constitution referendum
Author: Fredrick Nzwili, Nairobi Date Written: 9 July 2010
Primary Category: Kenya Document Origin: Ecumenical News International, Geneva
Secondary Category: -none- Source URL: http://www.eni.ch/
Key Words: Kenya, church, constitution, delay, referendum,

Summary & Comment: The Anglican Church of Kenya is calling for a postponement of the referendum on the changes to the constitution. Their spokesman says, "fear, anxiety, confusion, suspicion, and apathy have gripped the nation before the vote." They do not want to see a repeat of the violence following the election in 2007. DH

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