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North Africa Region

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The articles below are the most recent additions to the North Africa Region category of Africa InfoServ. To read an article, click on its title. To see more North Africa Region articles or to search a particular topic, click on Africa Archive. Articles marked with a magnifying glass ( Longer, analytical article. ) are longer, more analytical pieces.

Countries in this region include: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

1. Longer, analytical article. Has Egypt’s judiciary become the new Theatre of the Absurd?
Author: Raeesah Cassim Cachalia Date Written: 7 July 2015
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: ISS Weekly
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://https://www.issafrica.org
Key Words: Egypt, justice, courts, mass murder

Summary & Comment: "The recent decisions of the judiciary ensure that a [very high] level of intimidation remains. Along with serious human rights implications, these decisions have overturned the gains made during the revolution, leaving little chance for transitional justice or true democratic reform if the regime continues on its current course." Good an . . . [expand]
2. Longer, analytical article. Sinai: The Dangers of 21st Century Migration: Trafficking in the Sinai
Author: Winta Tesfai Date Written: 15 April 2014
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: Africafiles, Student voices
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://www.africafiles-studentvoices.org/?p=235
Key Words: Sinai, migrants, trafficking, crime, desperation

Summary & Comment: In Northern Africa thousands of vulnerable refugees resort to treacherous means of migrating across the Sinai desert. Though it seems the volatile harsh desert conditions are the least of their problems. Refugees are now threatened with the possibility of falling prey to illegal criminal activities. These activities include human trafficking and . . . [expand]
3. EGYPT: Church is Always Against the Death Penalty, says Bishop
Author: CISA - Catholic Information Service for Africa Date Written: 25 March 2014
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: CISA
Secondary Category: Interfaith Relations Source URL: http://www.cisanewsafrica.com
Key Words: Egypt, 529 death sentences, mostly Muslims 2 hearings only.

Summary & Comment: A Bishop in Egypt opposed the 529 death sentences issued against the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Court of Minya. He said "The death penalty cannot be the solution". The sentences were issued after only two hearings and defense lawyers did not have proper info or time for such a huge number of cases. Many accused were not a . . . [expand]
4. Angola Wants Western Sahara in African Union Priorities
Author: AllAfrica.com Date Written: 31 January 2014
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: Sahara Press Service (El Aaiun)via Angop via all africa
Secondary Category: Angola Source URL: http://www.spsrasd.info/en
Key Words: Western Sahara, Morocco, UN, AU, independence.

Summary & Comment: Sahara Press Service SPS (El Aaiun) is a public service of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara)whose headquarters are located in Shaheed El Hafed. Morocco and Mauritania have held this territory for decades, the UN calls for a referendum by its people re its relation to Morocco. Congrats to Angola for remembering the cries of these pe . . . [expand]
5. Longer, analytical article. Libya’s Hard Landing
Author: Chris Stephen Date Written: 13 August 2013
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: Foreign Policy
Secondary Category: Western Region Source URL: http://www.foreignpolicy.com
Key Words: Libya, revolution, 2nd anniversary, local unity.

Summary & Comment: "The days of euphoria are long gone. Can Libyans reboot the revolution?... On the second anniversary of the revolution, the situation looks bleak: Militia violence stalks the land, strikes threaten to cripple the oil industry, jihadist violence is on the rise in the east and economic stagnation is everywhere. The promised constitution, the cornerst . . . [expand]
6. Longer, analytical article. Egypt: Neither Coup nor Revolution
Author: William Minter ed. Date Written: 8 July 2013
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: AfricaFocus Bulletin (Reposted from sources cited below)
Secondary Category: AU/NEPAD Source URL: http://www.africafocus.org/docs13/eg1307.php,
Key Words: Egypt, coup, revolution, Morsy, Islam, secularity.

Summary & Comment: The definition of the turn-over of power from the elected government of President Morsy to the Military, varies according to the loyalties of the definer. Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters call it a coup against their legitimate government. The Military say the are responding to a popular uprising which no longer supports Morsy because h . . . [expand]
7. Libya: Delivered into enemy hands
Author: Human Rights Watch Date Written: 9 September 2012
Primary Category: North Africa Region Document Origin: Human Rights Watch
Secondary Category: Human Rights Source URL: http://www.hrw.org/
Key Words: Torture, Gaddafi, opponents, US, UK,human rights

Summary & Comment: The United States government during the Bush administration tortured opponents of Muammar Gaddafi, then transferred them to mistreatment in Libya, according to accounts by former detainees and recently uncovered CIA and UK Secret Service documents. Not only did the US deliver Gaddafi his enemies on a silver platter but it seems the CIA tortured man . . . [expand]

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