Six ministers on violence List of Shame
by Ayub Savula

Six ministers on violence List of Shame

The ministers are Najib Balala (Heritage) and Dr Chris Murungaru (Transport), Simeon Nyachae (Energy), Amos Kimunya (Lands), Raila Odinga ( Roads) and Njeru Ndwiga ( Co-operatives). KNCHR chairman Maina Kiai and the Executive Director of KHRC, Mr Miano, released the "list of shame" at a press conference in Nairobi yesterday. The two human rights organisations, the Kenya Human Rights Commission and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights †have enumerated the politiciansí utterances, which, they say, amount to incitement to violence.

Nyachae is accused of incitement to violence by saying, "Wale hawajatahiri peleka jandoni (Those who are not circumcised should be taken for a circumcision ceremony)." The Nyaribari Chache MP said this at Ndumberi Stadium on October 15 during a Banana campaign meeting. Raila on his part said: "Since Nyachae is an old man, the brain is equally old and he should go home". He made the statement on October 8 in Bungoma. Kimunya is accused of incitement for telling squatters to continue occupying the late J M Kariukiís land, this notwithstanding a courtís order to the contrary. The human rights groups say he did this on October 24 at Ol-Kolau market in Nyandarua District.

Ndwiga will face the charges over his remarks, "These people are opposing the constitution yet they were part of the process. Isnít that what we call ubiici ? (Behaving like one who is not circumcised)". Ndwiga allegedly uttered the words on October 5 at Kerugoya Stadium in Central Province. Balala is cited for incitement was in Kilifi on October 15 and said: "Pesa ya barabara za pwani zimepelekwa Mt Kenya Region. ( Funds allocated for roads in Coast Province have been diverted to the Mt Kenya Region).

Murungaru is accused of having said Nyeri should be at the forefront in the Yes campaign and any rebel should be dealt with accordingly. The Transport minister is also accused of having added that: "Anybody who wants to behave like a rebel should be folded. We have no time to flatter demons whose work is to ruin the scheme of things". The Kieni MP is alleged to have made the remarks on October 21 this year at Nyamachaki Hall, Nyeri. "We are putting these politicians on notice that such derogatory speech along ethnic and racial lines is categorised under the list of offenses known as subversion, contrary to Section 77 (3) (e) of the Penal Code" said the human rights organisations in a statement.

The human rights groups accused the politicians of incitement to violence, making hate speech and unsavoury language. If the politicians are found guilty, they could be jailed for up to three years. Kiai and Miano said the AG should investigate and, if necessary, prosecute the politicians.

Others in the "List of Shame" are immediate former Ndaragwa MP Thirikwa Kamau, who is accused of asking people to physically resist encroachment by the Orange team into Nyandarua. He is alleged to have made the statement on October 10. Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto is named for saying: "Naambia Kombo alete hao chokora councillors Kapenguria ndio ajue kwa nini punda hakuna mapembe (I am daring Kombo to bring those destitute councillors to Kapenguria and he will understand why donkeys have no horns)". He is accused of uttering these words on October 15 at Iten Stadium.

Machakos Town MP Daudi Mwanzia is on the list for saying, "Wakisimamisha pension ya Moi, then Wakalenjin na Wakamba watavamia State House (The Kalenjin and Akamba will storm State House should (former President) Moiís pension." He was said to have made the remarks on October 15 at Iten Stadium. Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo is named for uttering the words: " Kombo anakula pesa ambayo iliuwa Mbai . (Kombo is "eating" the money that killed (university lecturer Odhiambo Mbai)". He said this on October 23, according to the human rights groups.

Assistant Minister Mwangi Kiunjuri is accused of having said on October 28 at Kabazi Open ground in Rift Valley that " People should prepare for war if NO wins". Eldama Ravine Kanu MP Musa Sirma is accused of saying "If Yes wins, the Kikuyu should pack their bags and move out of Eldama Ravine. He added: "Kikuyus from Shauri, Maji Mazuri and Timboroa will not be issued with title deeds if they vote Yes". He allegedly committed the offence on November 6 at Eldama Ravine. Tigania East MP Peter Munya allegedly said: "If we pass this constitution, the Orange team should not step in Meru unless they remove their flags."

Others on the list include assistant minister Maina Kamanda. He is accused that on September 30, he said: "Amepigwa na akina mama amemalizika na wewe ukisha pigwa na akina mama umefika mwisho ( He has been beaten up by women and once you have been beaten by women. You have reached the end)", referring to David Mwenje after the City Cabanas chaos. Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile is accused of saying: "Wenda wazimu wanatuambia tuseme NO (These mad people are telling us to say NO)". Ndile is also charged with saying, "Mombasa, Mombasa nzima watu wote ni masquota kwa sababu ya Warabu kutoka Zanzibar (All the people of Mombasa are squatters because of the Arabs)."

Kamukunji MP Norman Nyaga is accused that while at Maua Stadium, in Eastern Province, on October 8, he said: " Raila ni shetani (Raila is a devil)". KANU Secretary General William Ruto is in the list for saying: "We have men and there are those who are like women because they are fearing to defect from the Banana camp." He made the remark in Marakwet on October 8. Kabete MP Paul Muite is named for referring to Raila Odinga as a "mla samaki" (fish eater) who sneaked the Prime Minister who is powerful than the President in the Bomas draft".